The studio provides  educational  curriculum that includes cultural dance with emphasis on Chinese dance and fashion  runway, body poise and posture for all age groups.  The studio also corporates with a network of local professional artists, choreographers, designers, photographers, and  organizations to benefit personal enrichment,  and interest. The goal of the studio is to promote Chinese dance and culture and to help individuals to build confidence and awareness. Students will have the opportunity to showcase dance and fashion on stage and cultural events.

Dance - Chinese classical and folk dances are mainly emphasized but western and other cultural dances are incoorporated as well. Professional choreographers give master classes throughout the year. 

Runway Modeling - catwalk, body poise and posture training to help individule's confidence, self-awareness, picture pose, etc. Also working with local designers and fashion organizations for modeling opportunities. 

Performance / Competition - Opportunity to perform at theaters, fasion shows, festivals, diversity programs, talent show,  and community entertainment events. Students in the advanced level are encouraged to compete at the national dance competitions.