Shuling Studio
Dance and Modeling

     About The Director
Biography: Shuling Fister is a Chinese dance choreographer and modeling instructor. She is also a Kentucky Arts    Council (KAC) teaching and performing artist. Shuling has had a passion for dance all of her life. She received her dance training from professional instructors in China and continues her dance development with dance masters and professors by travelling to China. She also studied modern and western dances in  University of Kentucky (UK) Department of Theatre and Dance and performed at the inaugurate dance concert and at Amercan College Dance Festival (ACDF).  Shuling  has taught Chinese dance in a studio setting and K-12 schools in the past ten years.  She is also a guest artist with UK Fine Arts College and the Lexington Arts and Science Center. She teaches modeling runway and coaches posture and poise to helps people to gain their personal confidence. She and her students/company performers have performed Chinese dance and costume runway accross the state at concerts, festivals, and cultural exchange events. Shuling was on  KAC grant review pannel and multiple times of recipient for K-12 school arts residency program. She has been featured at local news and television about her art work and the concerts she directed.

Artistic Statement:  As an ethnic dance choreographer and educator, I love to illustrate a story through Chinese dance and make a connection across cultures and pass the emotion and joy to western audiences. To bring the history of several dynasties to life, the creative process is always challenging and exciting.  My work includes multiple elements, such as folk, opera, marital arts and modern dance.  There are 56 ethnic groups in China; each has its own tradition and dance. While keep the original identity of a dance genre, I am interested in creating a path that combines cultural elements and blends it with western dance elements. Colorful props and costumes I utilize in my work play an important role.  Many of the elements of the costumes have cultural significance. Props such as ribbons, fan, and lanterns sometimes can be like a path to carry the past to present, or a bridge to connect east and west by providing textural interest. As a performer and an educator, I am passionate to act as a cultural ambassador through Chinese dance.
Guest Artists and Staffs:

Nathan Fister is a talented professional dancer who graduated from Western Kentucky University
as a dance major. He was trained at Nashiville Ballet, TN as well.  He most recently danced Royal
Carribean, Legally Blonde with Lexington Theatre Company, Music Man and Dolly Parton's 9 to 5
with Flat Rock Playhouse, North Carolina . Nathank has taught and choreographied many American
dances such as Jazz at Shuling Studio. His class is always fun, professional and inspiring. 

Soreyda Benedit Begley is a fashion designer, co-founder of the Lexington Fashion
Collaborativeand  has won many awards for her fashion design work and been featured in
national and international fashion and art publications, as well as in theater, film and gallery

Kelly Chen is a Shuling Studio's company leading dancer and assistant instructor. She has studied
ballet and Chinese dance since at a young age.  Kelly takes herself to a high level by participates
 the national dance competition. She won several solo and group titles in the dance competition
 at year 2016 and 2017.